At CHRONIS EPEXMETAL we strive for perfection creating our customers’ ideas into real products.

Through modern production facilities and strict quality controls, we ensure the creation of superior products with high-added value. We implement customized solutions that combine excellent craftsmanship, knowledge, technology, and passion to create the unique. Continuous research and development leads us to offer solutions with many innovative features that fully meet the needs of our customers.

At CHRONIS EPEXMETAL, we have the experience and ability to offer services that help create a final product that meets your specific specifications and requirements. Knowledge passed down from generation to generation, from 1978 to today, much has changed, but our mission remains the same: to produce the best quality products, and to offer unparalleled, uncompromising customer service and satisfaction. It is the best satisfaction.

CHRONIS EPEXMETAL is a modern manufacturing unit, engaged in creating premium quality products.

Each department of CHRONIS EPEXMETAL specializes in different specialties such as UV printing on flat materials, cutting and engraving on CNC Router, laser cut applications, and production of metal cast parts.

Product design studio actively contributes to targets the creative requirements, assuming an important role in all stages of the process.

Object uniqueness requires analysis and detailed planning, giving an even result. The research & development department is constantly looking for new technologies and practices, thus giving innovative and creative solutions to your every requirement.

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