UV printing on flat materials


The leading large format direct digital printing system (Flatbed) is ideal for outdoor and indoor advertising, industrial solutions, and decoration. Flatbed printing can be applied to flat materials up to 6cm thick.

It refers to both a wide range of solutions and a range of printing techniques suitable for different materials. Indicative surface materials: Kapa, Foam Boards, Forex, PVC, Re-board, Swedboard, Xanita, Corrugated, etc. A system that excels in improving color rendering. Using the latest digital printing technologies, we can print directly on flat and rigid materials.

Unique features such as Four-color printing + White Ink + Varnish make it an exclusive printing solution, for almost any requirement. UV printing on flat materials is more resistant to external conditions (such as sunlight) than conventional printing. Applied to flat materials such as wood, plexiglass, metal, glass, and PVC, but also classic flexible materials such as stickers, tarpaulins, and roller blinds.

In UV printing, specially formulated inks are exposed to UV radiation, which causes the ink to harden immediately on the material. The result depicts more intense and vivid colors in every detail while achieving superior abrasion resistance.

There are many products that we can create.

  • Interior decoration, wall covering with various types of wallpapers
  • Windows, prints, and seasonal stickers
  • Stand roll ups
  • Prints on canvas, fine art papers, decorative frames
  • Exhibition – Advertising Stands
  • Floor graphics
  • Signs
  • 3D letters
  • Indoor & outdoor signage

The level of consistency UV printing provides is a mentioned benefit. With standard printing options, it is common for quality to change even between two different materials produced seconds apart. With UV printing, all prints have a uniform and perfect result.

As you can see, UV printing provides several advantages that basic printing options can no longer offer. More efficient, environmentally friendly, and with high-quality performance that will make your materials look fantastic. UV printing is an innovative great choice.

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