Laser cut


At CHRONIS EPEXMETAL we follow international market trends and invest in innovative technologies and pioneering tools. We offer high precision and superior quality cutting and engraving services applied to different materials. Our team can manufacture products from customer’s designs or designs from the scratch.

Laser cut and engraving offer endless possibilities to our product design studio. It adapts with speed and flexibility to the designs’ requirements, as the laser follows graphics and lines, allowing precise results. Every design can be cut perfectly from a sheet, tube, or even a square or polygonal surface.

Some of the applications are:

  • Signs
  • Decoration
  • Advertising display stands
  • Architectural applications
  • Awards – Badges
  • Corporate gifts
  • Letter Cutting
  • Cutting – engraving Wood
  • Cutting – engraving Plastic
  • Cutting – engraving Foam
  • Cutting – engraving Plexiglass

Our mechanical equipment and especially trained team create unique designs, engraving up to 1200 DPI across the 160cm X 100cm laser bench. Laser can cut or engrave several materials, while also contributing to the faster manufacture and delivery of any high-quality professional signage.

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