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At CHRONIS EPEXMETAL we follow international market trends and invest in innovative technologies and pioneering tools. We offer high precision and superior quality cutting and engraving services applied to different materials. Our team can manufacture products from customer’s designs or designs from the scratch.

Modern CNC mechanical equipment at our disposal allows the cutting, drilling, and engraving of parts made of wood, plastic, foam, aluminum, metal bond, plexiglass, and other materials upon request.

Materials can be cut with flat or 3D processing, with a maximum dimension of 3000mm x 2000mm x 100mm (H).

Some of the applications are:

  • Signs
  • Decoration
  • Διακοσμητικά
  • Advertising display stands
  • Architectural applications
  • Awards – Badges
  • Corporate gifts
  • Letter Cutting
  • Cutting – engraving Wood
  • Cutting – engraving Plastic
  • Cutting – engraving Foam
  • Cutting – engraving Plexiglass
  • Cutting – engraving Metal

The experienced and specially trained team of craftsmen of CHRONIS EPEXMETAL guarantees the correct cutting of the materials, with millimeter precision. At the same time, the product design studio contributes to the design or modification of the project easily and quickly. It makes the most of every material and reduces costs by minimizing waste.

CNC router has an advantage: Every project’s settings are planned and implemented and can be saved for future use so that it can be cut again with precision whenever needed.

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