Product design studio


At CHRONIS EPEXMETAL our creative thoughts comes along with exclusive design and perfect techniques. Our expert team, has high aesthetic criteria, methodical approach studies, and proposes complete and unique solutions, giving life to the most demanding proposal.

Our team manufactures customers’ designs or undertakes the design and production of projects from scratch. With creative ideas, experience, and knowledge of printing parameters and production materials, we enable our customers to take their products from design to market.

We work closely with you to maintain a common direction that respects branding through communication. The holistic approach of brand design and visual consistency in communication, we offer timelessness and recognition to each brand.

The design studio provides exclusive custom services and some of the design areas include:

  • Branding
  • Advertising promotion
  • Advertising display stands
  • Corporate gifts
  • Signage
  • Decoration
  • Awards – Badges and many more

Product design studio can design or modify every project easily and quickly, making it unique, while at the same time, the high levels of expertise and materials of our specially trained technical team help in its immediate construction.

Our clientele includes start-ups, advertising companies, architectural firms, and freelancers.

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