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Prototypes design

In our company operates a prototype design department, which analyses, designs and transforms every need or idea from a sketch to an object or a component. Starting from presenting the item on paper, followed by the procedures of zincography, of sculpture and 3D printing, we can produce any prototype with the appropriate material in a short time period.

Metal parts enameling

In collaboration with the main Italian enamel manufacturing firms of two components (color and catalyst), having thorough knowledge of the parts we can enamel in any color of your preference, giving a luxurious feel to any kind of accessory. Depending on the needs and use of metallic object, there is the choice between hard or soft enamel.

Our enameled items are hardened in special ovens according to the requirements of the product and the manufacturer, while enameling can be applied on very small objects as well.

Objects on which enamel can be applied: medals, pins, commemorative plaques, jewelry, signs, tighteners, statues, etc.

Metal products finishing

All metal components regardless of their production method and in respect to their use can be finished according to the needs of each customer. Our company owns ball vibrators and pulleys as well as rotary buri turbo for metal products finishing. Using a large number of different pulleys, metal objects can be finished and be the end product of cutting presses and presses of multiple metals and alloys.